Feeding the Customer Journey | June 14 | Indianapolis, IN

Indy AMA

Too many marketers look at digital marketing channels as new channels that they need to add-on to their marketing mix. But what’s changed isn’t the channels, it’s the behavior of consumers since those channels are now open to them. Marketing has shifted…but it’s because consumer and business buyer behavior has shifted. Simply buying more ads or developing endless streams of content will not guarantee more customers.

Learn about the fundamental changes that need to happen for your organization to become successful in data-driven content marketing. Nurturing customers is more than producing content. Douglas Karr, CEO of DK New Media, will teach us about the different reasons why people buy, and how our content can fuel these decisions. Doug will delve deep into the customer journey, personas, marketing automation, types of motivation, personalization and give us tips on how mastering these concepts can impact our marketing success.

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  • 11:00AM Registration and networking
  • 11:30AM Lunch begins
  • 11:50AM Introduction by IndyAMA
  • 12:00PM Presentation begins
  • 1:00PM Meeting concludes

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