Interview: Zain Raj on Marketing for Tomorrow, Not Yesterday

Marketing for Tomorrow, Not Yesterday

It’s not enough to play by the old rules of marketing anymore. They’ve changed – for good. In today’s world, the Insight Economy™, even some of the most steadfast and iconic mega-brands are stumbling as they fail to recognize that we’ve moved into a new future. We’ve got educated consumers, brilliant technological advancements, and more channels than ever before.

In Marketing for Tomorrow, Not Yesterday, Zain Raj has scripted a guidebook full of wit and hard-won wisdom that shows how truly understanding your core customer and getting back to basics, is the way that you can conquer complex problems and learn to thrive in this Cambrian era of marketing. With powerful first-hand stories, this book has answers to your questions about how to cut through the noise of big data, how much you should (or shouldn’t) invest in social media, and how to craft marketing and brand-building strategies that net you loyal customers and a long and happy shelf life.

We have entered a new world of marketing – we are dealing with more complexity and change – even bigger amounts of data, constantly evolving technologies, continued fragmentation of channels and touch points… and unbelievably demanding consumers with constantly escalating expectations. This evolution has created a need for a new marketing model. And, more importantly, a need for a new kind of a marketer. A Decathlete Marketer(R). Zain Raj

This is a great interview with Zain where he summarizes his insights in a manner any marketer would appreciate and understand.


Zain Raj has been recognized as a visionary leader, business accelerator, investor, philanthropist and industry futurist, combining innovation and creativity to create new business models for the future. Zain is the President & CEO of Shapiro+Raj, a top-ten independent insights and inspiration company in North America.

Zain is also the founder and CEO of zednext, an ideas incubator that takes an objective and disruptive look at trends to help marketers and business leaders realize their full potential in data-driven, digitally led and insights-driven world.

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