An Interview with Kraig Swensrud, CMO of Campaign Monitor

Kraig Swensrud

Kraig Swensrud is an entrepreneur, product and marketing executive with a track record of success in leading high growth internet software companies. That history included the founding of GetFeedback and Kraig was the CMO of Salesforce. Kraig is now the Chief Marketing Officer of Campaign Monitor, a global leader in email marketing.

In the interview, we discuss the challenges of small to medium-sized businesses at implementing solutions, including email services. In an industry that’s overshadowed by enterprise marketing cloud platforms, the growth and health of independent marketing technology partners continue to thrive. Most of this is because the small platforms are agile and often vendor agnostic when it comes to integration. This enables businesses to ramp up quickly and to start seeing a return on investment on their marketing efforts.


When Campaign Monitor launched, they took the industry by storm. They reinvented the email marketing user interface, put great emphasis on clear reporting, and had a premium design toolset for non-technical users. They proved themselves a leader early in the industry, publishing their email client CSS support grid that continues to be the goto resource for email designers to this day. Their resources don’t stop there – Campaign Monitor has all the resources you need to learn to become an email marketing professional.

Campaign Monitor’s Email Marketing Resources

With more than 2 million customers from over 150,000 businesses, Campaign Monitor has long been a favorite of SMBs. Increasingly, as martech companies have specialized, millions of SMBs are starting to build their own custom marketing suites with their favorite tools. However, connecting them all and sharing data back and forth between platforms is actually hard (despite what everyone says), especially for non-technical marketers. Along with an incredibly robust API, Campaign Monitor has now launched an App Store with over 200 productized integrations at the ready (including WordPress) to make integrations easier!

Kraig also announced that Campaign Monitor will be launching email automation very soon!

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