What Strategies, Tactics, and Channels Should Marketers Focus on in 2017

I look forward to reading in the comments or in our MarTech community what you’re focused on in 2017. As an agency, we’re getting pulled in multiple directions but our focus with clients continues to be to optimize their marketing spend and provide value in our products and services that they’ve invested in. An advantage that we have as both a publisher and an agency is that we can test the shiny stuff to reduce any risk overall. The rapid adoption of marketing technology is advantageous… but only when it makes sense.

To help you narrow your focus, check out MDG Advertising’s new infographic, 7 Resolutions Every Marketer Should Make for 2017. It highlights key ideas and approaches that should set you up well for the year ahead.

We watched another year of our prospects really struggling. They didn’t have the budget nor the teams to fully realize their marketing potential. As a result, most of the work was applied to what they excelled at or what they could afford to keep their heads above water. One key metric that we saw missing from every prospect was an expectation of what their marketing investment should be as a percentage of overall revenue. That’s a great discipline to invest into your business now, rather than later, so you can continue to accelerate your growth.

Marketing Strategies, Tactics, or Channels to Focus on in 2017

  1. Individuals, Not Channels: only 25% of enterprise workers has a comprehensive cross-channel strategy  Tweet This! Focusing your strategies on the journey of individual consumers and accounts will help you optimize and integrate your omni-channel strategies. Account-based marketing  (ABM) continues to drive many of these strategies.
  2. Automation: 94% of marketers who automated some of their programs say it improved their company’s performance  Tweet This! While channels and strategies get more complex, marketing resources at companies are often getting more scarce. The only option for marketers is to look to marketing technology to manage and optimize their marketing strategies.
  3. Content: 58% of the most effective B2B marketers have a documented content marketing strategy  Tweet This! Businesses are producing a ton of unused, unnoticed, and low performing content every day. We’d highly recommend developing a content library approach to producing content.
  4. Data Hygiene: 24% of retail marketers’ customer data is inaccurate, on average  Tweet This! As personalization and unified online and offline customer experiences become more expected by consumers and businesses, bad data is going to become a thorn in the side of most companies. This is why customer data platforms are growing in adoption.
  5. Video: There was a 20% increase in the quantity of online video viewed in 2016  Tweet This! Video is rapidly becoming the favored content medium of many consumers. Learning the ropes of video – like how cheap audio hurts more than bad video – is as essential as lighting, scripting, and video length.
  6. Security: 29% of all consumers avoid online actions because of security concerns  Tweet This! Trust is one of the largest impediments to a consumer or a business finding you online and converting from a prospect into a client. Ensuring their data is secure and communicating the steps you take to secure their content is essential.
  7. Emerging Technologies: Artificial Intelligence is forecasted to double the growth rate of economies by 20135  Tweet This! and Virtual reality Internet traffic is projected to increase 61 times by 2020  Tweet This!. These technologies have incredible potential at optimizing the customer journey and enhancing the customer experience.

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