How to Change Your Twitter Handle and Without Losing Your Followers

We’ve been working through our rebranding from the Marketing Technology Blog to MarTech. We’ll share a post in the future one why we’re going through that rebranding – but most of it centered around removing the term blog from our branding.

Luckily, most of our social accounts and usernames didn’t have the term blog in them – except for one! Our Twitter account was @mktgtechblog. This really was an oversight from day one. Every time someone asked what the username was, I had to spell it out m-k-t-g-tech-blog, then repeat it a few more times.

Since we’ve migrated the site from to, I searched Twitter for a username that had the term martech in it. Unfortunately, most were taken but I was able to see that @martech_zone was available.

Stop, Don’t Register It… Yet

This is where the majority of people go wrong. They attain a new username on Twitter and then go to their original account and tell everyone they’ve moved. The problem is that only a small fraction of their previous followers make the effort to follow the new account.

Don’t Lose Followers

Unlike many sites, Twitter allows you to change your username! I was able to change @mktgtechblog to @market_zone on my account and not lose any of our 34,000 followers we worked so hard to attract. Once the new username was enabled, we then immediately registered our old username and put up a message that we’ve moved.

We put up the following message on the old account in the event that someone might click a link on another site or find the account in search results. This way, they would know we moved and follow us on the updated account.

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