An Interview with Brad Owen, CEO of NeverBounce

Years ago, we wrote about a new genre of email list cleansing tools. For years, it was common for companies to purchase email lists to market to prospects. It was a risky practice, often getting the sender – or even the email service provider – blocked from sending additional emails. For Internet Service Providers, it was a fairly easy thing to detect since lists were typically outdated and many of the emails would bounce.

Fast forward to today. While purchasing lists may not be as prominent a practice, the ISPs still continue to block email or filter it as SPAM because of excessive bounces. Through no fault of their own, valid newsletters and emails were getting blocked. Not because the companies were buying crappy lists – but because they continued to send emails to addresses that no longer existed, generating higher bounce rates.

As with many of the best tools in MarTech, Neverbounce was created by an agency to combat and correct a real-world problem. In this in-depth interview with CEO and founder Brad Owen, Brad walks us through the problem that necessitated the solution and shares how it continues to evolve and make a significant impact in the market.

Over 20,000 organizations trust NeverBounce for their real-time email verification and email cleaning services.

Whether or not your company is involved in list procurement or list sharing, the turnover on email addresses is significant. Brad and his team have found that no other factor impacts the deliverability of a brand’s email than the number of bounces their list is generating with an Internet Service Provider.

Investing in list cleansing and email list hygiene is inexpensive and can produce a massive return on investment by getting your emails to the inbox when they’re needed and expected.

Our Interview with Brad Owen

Brad has spent the past decade creating online and offline disruptive mediums. As the leader of an agency focused on entrepreneurs, Brad has had the unique opportunity to bring countless start-ups to market, from concept to year-over conversion optimization. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, technology leaders and marketers, Brad has been involved in personal business endeavors since childhood.

A purveyor of open source technologies, agile development practices, product development, sourcing, and design application, Brad’s past success demonstrates his uncanny ability to stay far ahead of market trends. Brad has exited from 2 of 3 personally funded projects since 2011.