An Interview with Adam Small with Agent Sauce: Real Estate Marketing

Adam Small is a good friend and we’ve partnered together on several projects. His expertise spans information technology, mobile messaging, mobile applications, customer relationship management, and email marketing. He and his wife, Kimberly, founded their real estate marketing platform – starting with simple text messaging and working through a full-featured platform for all a real estate agent or company’s marketing needs with Agent Sauce.

In our interview, Adam shares the benefits and functionality that Agent Sauce provides real estate agents, as well as best practices for building a successful real estate company.

Agent Sauce: Real Estate Marketing

The real estate marketing platform offers a ton of features:

  • Real Estate CRM including a contact manager, integrated calendar with emails, birthdays, and action items, action item reminders for emails, calls, appointments and more, a listing manager, and lead capture and tracking.
  • Real Estate Lead Generation – SMS and text messaging, toll-free call capture, virtual tours, listing syndication, social media marketing, and
    video generation.
  • Real Estate Marketing Automation – monthly newsletter, drip campaigns, content library, social media marketing, and e-cards.