Marketing Lessons Learned from Mind Tripping Entertainer Christian Painter

It’s not always about enterprise marketing efforts, expensive platforms and integrations, and optimizing your marketing operations… for most of our country, it’s small Mom & Pop businesses who are growing their businesses online and adjusting to the digital age. That was our focus for this latest interview!

Christian Painter and his wife, Katalina, are the #1 Husband & Wife Comedy Mind Reading Act in the country. They have performed over 2000 shows in almost 15 years. They toured across the nation for 10 years performing for corporate events, colleges, theaters, cruise ships, and resorts. Their audiences range from 50-3000 people.

After working all over the world, Christian and Katalina have settled into a regional entertainment event at the Hilton in downtown Indianapolis. What is the impact of the web and social media on a local entertainer? Christian shares his lessons learned… and remember… he’s not a marketer, he’s an entertainer. You’ll find that he’s had to teach himself online marketing, analytics, and social media.

An Interview with Christian Painter

Perhaps the greatest lesson is that Christian learned was that he and his wife needed to come up with a budget and hire professionals. While he didn’t have tens of thousands of dollars, every dollar he did spend counted. Christian walks through the process they took and how they found the right resources and how it’s impacted his business.

We also discuss a couple of tactics for Christian to use with social media that won’t take a lot of time but will absolutely assist in his regional efforts – social media monitoring and connecting with influencers. We also discuss some of the tools, like Hootsuite and Buffer, which can reduce the time necessary to spend on social media.

We close out the conversation with some discussion of small business marketing and how to create the discipline to determine your marketing efforts as a percentage of your overall revenue as well as how to measure your marketing results.

If you’re in Indianapolis, be sure to check out Christian and Katalina’s amazing show.