Webinar: The Agile Marketing Journey Explained | May 18th

Agile Marketing Journey Webinar

We’re excited to announce that ClearVoice is hosting a free webinar where I’ll share the Agile Marketing Journey. This is a presentation and infographic that was years in the making as we worked and focused efforts with our clients.

What has precipitated the need for agile methodologies is the rapid implementation of technology solutions combined with the expansion of mediums. Marketers are overwhelmed trying to keep up with the thousands of tools, technologies, mediums, formats, channels, etc. that they’re expected to utilize, optimize, and master.

Every marketer wants to succeed. But will ceaseless changes in technology propel you forward — or leave you far behind?

Join me as I lead you through the five stages of the Agile Marketing Journey – Discovery, Strategy, Implementation, Execution, and Optimization. Learn how to quickly adapt to marketing disruptors and overcome the top threats to your success.

During the Journey, Discover How To:

  • Clearly define your marketing goals and direction
  • Unify cross-channel digital experiences
  • Create a real digital transformation
  • Update your systems to improve the digital experience

I hope you join me. I promise that I’ll keep the conversation light-hearted and informational. If you don’t walk away with at least one tip that can help you save time, increase the impact of your efforts, and provide you with a roadmap for improvement, I’ll be surprised!

Register for the ClearVoice Webinar

When:  Thursday, May 18, 11 am PST / 2 pm EST
Hashtag: #AgileJourney
Host: ClearVoice

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